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First Impressions Go A Long Way – Does Your Office Entrance Make A Good Impression?

You may have a beautiful office interior with the best wallpaper, expensive artifacts and lots of natural light; but are they complemented with an equally enviable entrance? After all, entrances make a big difference for people visiting your office for the first time. Research says that it only takes 12 seconds for people to form a lasting opinion. So if you have a poorly designed entrance, then that’s the impression that many of your prospective clients, employees and even suppliers would have about your brand.

Our team of designerdesigner put a lot of emphasis on the entrance because it is the first thing that defines your brand and its personality for people visiting your office. It is not always important that you have an office facing the road. Even the offices inside buildings or on small lanes far from the main road are known to thrive if they create inviting entrances.

There are two main aspects to creating a good entrance. The architectural aspect deals with the form, texture and materials used for the entrance while the design aspect focuses on improvising an entrance with the placement of design elements that can include plants, green walls, statues, chandeliers, statement mirrors, frames and even seating arrangements in the reception area.

Colossal arches and pillars make for grand entrances, especially if your business is set up in a big building on the main road. Businesses that are located in smaller lanes will find it easier to create an entrance which is less likely to overwhelm. Coffee and tea shops, bakeries, flower shops and gift shops will find the use of glass to be effective in inviting more visitors.

Businesses that require confidentiality to build trust in the clients should choose wooden doors. To build positivity, you can consider using statement mirrors or statues outside the entrance. Green plants also happen to be a fail safe way of perking up the vibes around your office entrance. Lastly, the key is to keep the place clean and hygienic so that your brand’s first impression is an excellent one.

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